Colworth Str1ders


Colworth Mile – 11 May 2007

PosNameTime20062005Equivalent Marathon
1Tony Dadd4:58-4:542:10:08
2Stuart Trevallion5:09-5:042:14:56
3Jon Hunt5:21-5:072:20:10
4Martin Vaughan5:325:295:192:24:58
5Elliott Kirk5:35--2:26:17
6Willie Young5:42-6:082:29:20
7Stuart Bennett5:52--2:33:42
8Giles Rigarlsford5:595:465:312:36:46
9Jon Collett6:296:38-2:49:52
10Mike Statham6:40--2:54:40
11Sarah Robinson6:55--3:01:13
12Allan Davies7:01--3:03:50
13Rachel Goodband7:12--3:08:38
14Frankie Bligh7:597:577:593:29:10
15Karen Stigter9:2911:05-4:08:28
16Mark Tinkler9:30-6:144:08:54
Slightly damp this year but a record turnout. Looks like most runners' times are deteriorating from year to year except for Karen who knocked a splendid 1:36 off last year's time and Frankie who is displaying amazing consistency.


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