Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 5 August 2008

Pos Name Start Finish Time Expected Difference Improvement Pace (min/ml) Finish Order Points Comments
1Kevin Shelton-Smith #11:3834:4823:10NANANA6.134
2Stuart Trevallion11:3835:0423:2623:0500:21-1.52%6.2064
3Jon Hunt10:0735:0624:5924:3600:23-1.56%6.6173
4Giles Rigarlsford07:5634:0526:0926:4700:382.36%6.9236
5Niteen Sawant05:2433:0527:4129:1901:385.57%7.32110
6Mike Statham06:4135:5929:1828:0201:16-4.52%7.7582
7Russell Best01:3134:5333:2233:1200:10-0.50%8.8355
8James Skinner00:0033:4233:4234:4301:012.93%8.9228
# New runner
Very wet conditions prompting a slight change to the format. All the runners started together so no-one had to stand around in the rain waiting to start. The results have been calculated to give the finishing times as they would have been had the runners started at the correct times.

Welcome to Kevin, running the TT for the first time.

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