Colworth Str1ders


Long Running Time Trial – 24 March 2009

Pos Name Start Finish Time Expected Difference Improvement Pace (min/ml) Finish Order Points Comments
1Willie Young #07:2139:2832:07NANANA6.694
2Craig Smith06:1738:5232:3534:45-02:106.22%6.7936
3Ashley Greenman #06:5739:5232:55NANANA6.865
4Damiano Rossetti02:1137:0934:5839:18-04:2011.03%7.28110
5Andrew Evans #05:0940:5735:48NANANA7.468
6Paul Hepburn02:3738:3335:5638:52-02:567.55%7.4928
7David Sheffield #05:0941:4336:34NANANA7.629
8Niteen Sawant #05:0942:1037:01NANANA7.7110
9Steve Hardy #05:0942:3537:26NANANA7.8011
10Gurchuran Cheema #02:1140:5638:45NANANA8.077
11Christelle Billon *00:0039:5339:5341:29-01:363.86%8.3165

# New runner

* Times adjusted as runner was sent off at different time to handicap

Lots of new runners and good improvements from those who ran the inaugural event. More down to improved conditions probably but well done anyway.

A group consisting of Mark Tinkler, Stuart Trevallion, Paul Stuart, Duncan Talbot and Mike Statham ran the course, unofficially, in a time of 41:40.


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