Colworth Str1ders


Adidas Thunder Run 24HR – 31 July / 1 August 2010

PosTot LapsTot TimeTeamCatRunner NoRunner NameLap NoLap Time
16 (in field of 72)2724:12:23Colworth Striders8X653Stuart Trevalion100:44:02
          647Bronwyn Elliott201:14:18
          649Andy Kemp300:55:26
          650Allan Davies400:59:03
          654Dave Sheffield500:46:33
          648Helen Woolley600:49:53
          651Nick Mitchell700:44:53
          652Mark Tinkler800:50:26
          652Mark Tinkler900:55:24
          647Bronwyn Elliott1001:28:25
          653Stuart Trevalion1100:47:19
          654Dave Sheffield1200:49:38
          648Helen Woolley1300:55:39
          649Andy Kemp1400:57:17
          651Nick Mitchell1500:47:29
          653Stuart Trevalion1600:49:20
          650Allan Davies1701:03:01
          652Mark Tinkler1800:52:15
          652Mark Tinkler1900:53:38
          648Helen Woolley2000:52:49
          649Andy Kemp2100:57:16
          654Dave Sheffield2200:51:27
          651Nick Mitchell2300:46:03
          653Stuart Trevalion2400:46:23
          649Andy Kemp2500:59:29
          651Nick Mitchell2600:46:09
          653Stuart Trevalion2700:48:48

Other Unilever Runners

PosTot LapsTot TimeTeamCatRunner NoRunner NameLap NoLap Time
1 (in field of 17)2624:20:32Wirral AC - Faster than UpsonPX1019Kelvin Dickinson100:46:36
          1020Caroline Hall200:51:25
          1019Kelvin Dickinson300:46:32
          1020Caroline Hall400:50:43
          1019Kelvin Dickinson500:46:30
          1020Caroline Hall600:50:14
          1019Kelvin Dickinson700:47:27
          1020Caroline Hall800:49:54
          1019Kelvin Dickinson900:50:20
          1020Caroline Hall1000:51:32
          1019Kelvin Dickinson1100:54:16
          1020Caroline Hall1200:56:12
          1019Kelvin Dickinson1300:54:13
          1020Caroline Hall1400:58:54
          1019Kelvin Dickinson1501:02:06
          1019Kelvin Dickinson1601:07:13
          1020Caroline Hall1701:02:34
          1019Kelvin Dickinson1801:03:51
          1020Caroline Hall1900:57:12
          1019Kelvin Dickinson2000:59:20
          1020Caroline Hall2100:56:27
          1019Kelvin Dickinson2201:00:00
          1020Caroline Hall2301:00:46
          1019Kelvin Dickinson2401:06:06
          1020Caroline Hall2501:03:32
          1019Kelvin Dickinson2601:06:37
Run as a relay with one member of the team on course at all times throughout the 24 hours. Each runner must complete a full lap before changeover but may run 2, 3 or more laps before handing over to another team member. All members of the team must complete a minimum of one lap.

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