Colworth Str1ders


14.2 Mile Cycling Time Trial – 7 July 2010

PositionNameTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementAverage Speed (mph)Comments
1Stuart Warren37:2839:21-01:5395.21%22.74PB
2Richard Piron 39:3240:58-01:2696.51%21.55 PB
3John Hunt39:3640:52-01:1696.92%21.52PB
4Paul Stuart40:3539:55+00:40101.68%20.99
5Richard Beard41:2541:57-00:3298.73%20.57
6Mark Willmott42:0244:36-02:3494.24%20.27 PB
7Mark Tinkler45:2047:23-02:0395.67%18.79 PB
8Andy Hoddle52:33NANANA16.21 PB

Well done all it was a windy one out there so conditions were certainly not favourable for a fast one...unless you were wearing a pointy hat of course. Well done Andy on his first TT with the group.
And well done for those Nice IM boys who travelled in to race yesterday and those still with tired legs....a fantastic effort only 10 days back! A couple of PB's well done those that are improving.


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