Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 3 August 2010

PosNameStartFinishTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/ml)Finish OrderPointsComments
1Ben Maddison13:0936:3723:2823:41-00:130.88%6.2172
2Neil Loader11:2935:0723:3825:20-01:436.74%6.2528PB
3Stuart Warren09:2835:3526:0727:21-01:154.54%6.9136
4Llorenc Mila-i-Canals08:5735:4126:4427:52-01:084.10%7.0745PB
5Giles Rigarlsford11:3438:3527:0125:15+01:45-6.96%7.1510
6Steve Hardy08:1636:3228:1628:34-00:181.02%7.4854PB
7David Sheffield *11:0239:5828:5626:50+02:06-7.80%7.658Adidas Thunder Run 24HR recovery
8Alan Wooten03:2136:4933:2833:28-00:000.02%8.8591
9=Helen McArthur *02:3936:3433:5534:10-00:150.76%8.9763
9=Helen Woolley *08:3842:3333:5528:12+05:43-20.31%8.9712Adidas Thunder Run 24HR recovery
11=Tirma Garcia-Suarez *00:0034:0634:0636:50-02:447.40%9.02110PB
11=Mark Tinkler00:0034:0634:06NANANA9.02NAPace setter & Adidas Thunder Run 24HR recovery
13Allan Davies04:3338:4334:1032:16+01:53-5.86%9.0411Adidas Thunder Run 24HR recovery
Tony Dadd *14:26DNFNA22:24NANANADNF
* Times adjusted as runner was sent off at different time to handicap
Bit of a mash up today with un-scheduled runners being slotted in but I think the adjusted times are all sorted out. A good showing from the Str1ders team who took part in the Adidas Thunder Run 24HR at the weekend. They are forgiven any slow times.


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