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Baslow Bootbash – 11 June 2011

Name Time
Andy Hoddle 6hr 29min

Baslow Bootbash went via Baslow, Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Over Haddon, Sheldon, Cressbrook, Foolow, Eyam, Froggat, Calver, Baslow.
It was a technical course.
Altitude change was +1100m / -1100m, so fairly hilly. Very steep hill after Calver at 23miles, at least 200m high in less than 400m distance.
When it wasnt uphill or downhill it was flat, ie no camber.
Course was tough, but spectacular views. Navigation was by displayed route which you copied onto your own map on the day, no pre-study of route.
I didnt have a compass, but it was fairly sunny, so could navigate. If cloudy, you would need a compass to aid navigation.
There were some gates and cattlegrids but only 49 stiles of assorted variety and height.
(One "squeeze stile" was up to chest height and a gap of less than 8 inches (20cm) - I wouldnt have got through last year)
Again, one can easily finish in the top 100, it was cheap (£10), and this also included the pie and peas at the end.
All in all, a "tough" experience. Very scenic and pleasurable, definitely to be repeated, however, dont expect a PB, due to hills and navigation and slight over-length.

My time?: 6:29, due to knee pain on descents and "backing off, to take the long term view"


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