Colworth Str1ders


Handicap 5 – 12 July 2011

PositionNameStartFinishTimeFinish PositionComments
1Antonio Franco00:11:3000:41:4700:30:173
2Neil Loader00:11:0000:41:5300:30:534
3Bill Shingleton00:11:3000:42:3400:31:047
4Paul Stuart00:09:3000:42:5000:33:208
5Llorenc Mila-i-Canals00:09:0000:43:0000:34:009
6Giles Rigarlsford00:07:0000:41:1100:34:11 2
7Mike Statham00:07:0000:42:2500:35:256
8Jon Collett00:06:3000:42:1400:35:445
9Emma Keller00:07:0000:44:5300:37:5313
10Paul Sherwood00:06:0000:44:4500:38:4512
11Mike Cooper00:00:0000:41:0100:41:011
12Allan Davies00:02:0000:44:1800:42:1811
13Malcolm Holmes00:01:3000:44:0000:42:3010
-Tony Dadd00:11:30DNFDNFDNFTried to hoodwink the Timelord that he did it in 29:59 but the truth was quickly communicated by EVERYBODY else.

Interesting event today as, in addition to the usual accusations of banditry, the Timelord went missing.

Timelord writes:
A glitch in the settings of the continuum flux synchronisation lock caused me to cross onto a time path I was unfamiliar with. It was, in fact, a devious maze created by the evil Course Mapper, aka Tinky Winky, now unmasked as the latest regeneration of 'The Master'. After a considerable amount of sonic activity (easily mistaken for swearing by non Timelords), I successfully broke through onto a path down which I had travelled previously and thereby retraced my route to my original reality.

Anybody who suggests I simply got lost will find their next time trial handicap has been heavily 'doctored'.

Contact was then made with all the relevant participants in the race and temporal anomalies eliminated to reconstruct the results table above.

I revisited and successfully navigated the problematic region the next day, thereby ensuring the same problem will not reoccur.


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