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Thorpeness "Heritage Run" – 1 May 2011

Andy Hoddle4:45:07
Andy writes:

My 4th marathon this year....
Sunday 1st May. Heritage run at Thorpeness. Opposite the "House in the clouds" - see picture..

Very good course, would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast course with mixture of road and off-road.
  • It runs along the coastal path from Thorpeness, past Sizewell, to Dunwich (not a good idea running 9miles north on the sea-front into a 20mph north-easterly), turns inland and then mostly roads on the way back.
  • 12 water stations and digestive biscuits,
  • well signed and marked course,
  • not too many people (about 40 on the marathon),
  • fairly cheap (15 adv / 20 on the day).
  • very flat, only three hills, all <5m
  • scenic views
It was new P.B. for me at 4:45:07. Definitely one to repeat - as long as there's not strong north-easterlies!

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