Colworth Str1ders


Shillington Shuffle – 13 November 2011

Andy Hoddle 27 miles 5hr 41min
LDWA event, so mostly walkers but 80-ish runners did the marathon. 

Course was not marked, and no map, but written instructions were available for download in advance.
Extremely good instructions. 
Roughly circular route, mostly off-road, trail, footpaths, byways, some gravel tracks with a few roads. Surface very good, with the odd slippy patch, but it had been dry for a few weeks, I would imagine it being very muddy in a normal rainy autumn. A few steep hills, reducing most runners to a walk. 
The scenery is great, with good views over mid-Bedfordshire. 4 checkpoints, with water, squash and cakes and sandwiches. No cups for the drinks so, in common with many LDWA events, take a mug. 
Free parking, Food and drinks afterwards, not bad for £5. Very good, but tough event, would recommend. 


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