Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 5 April 2011

PosNameStartFinishTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/ml)Finish OrderPointsComments
1Andrew White09:0034:3225:3226:28-00:563.55%6.7536
2Duncan Talbot08:0834:2826:2027:20-01:003.68%6.9728
3Richard Piron *10:0436:3626:3225:24+01:08-4.44%7.0281
-David Sheffield07:2034:3927:19NANANA7.23Pace setter
4Clive Blackburn07:2034:3927:1928:09-00:492.92%7.2345
5Mike Cooper04:1834:5930:4131:10-00:291.57%8.1263
6=Sue Lovell *02:0235:0433:0233:26-00:241.21%8.7472
6=Anne Calderwood01:4434:4633:0233:45-00:422.09%8.7454
8Alan Wooten00:0034:2234:2235:28-01:063.12%9.09110
-Melissa Ried #01:44DNFNANANANANA
-Brianna Hrusko #01:44DNFNANANANANAInjured
# New runner
* Times adjusted as runner was sent off at different time to handicap
A small field for the first TT of the summer series. Congratulations to Alan for his first ever 10 points. Welcome to Brianna and Melissa, running their first TT. Sadly Brianna twisted her ankle and Melissa did the decent thing and helped her back to the clubhouse. We hope this experience has not put them off.


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