Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 7 June 2011

PosNameStartFinishTimePace (min/ml)Finish OrderPointsComments
1Ben Maddison*16:3240:1423:426.2723
2Antonio Franco #13:0537:0023:556.336
3Sam Windebank13:0439:0426:006.88143
4Giles Rigarlsford13:2539:5726:327.0219
5Llorenc Mila-i-Canals13:0540:0226:577.1321
6Anthony Bowden10:1537:2527:107.1978
7Mike Statham10:4838:2027:327.28115
8Bryna Holmes #05:0033:1528:157.471
-Willie Young05:0033:2028:207.50-Pace setter
9Steve Hardy08:1937:5029:317.8186
10Paul Sherwood08:4838:4429:567.92134
11Christelle Billon *09:2940:0030:318.0720
12Paul Hepburn *10:5941:3630:378.1025
13Allan Davies06:1939:2533:068.76161
14Denis Kan-King-Yu #05:0038:1133:118.7810
15Helen Franceschini06:4540:0233:178.8122
16Nazanin Haseli Mashhadi02:4236:0833:268.84510
17Anne Calderwood06:3940:3233:538.9624
18Brianna Hrusko #04:0037:5833:588.999
19Malcolm Holmes #00:0034:0834:089.032
20Alex Dinsdale #00:0034:0934:099.033
21Anneke van-der-Horst #00:0035:0335:039.274
22Melissa Ried #04:0039:4435:449.4517
-Paul Stuart04:0039:4435:449.45-Pace setter
23Abhijit Sengupta03:1639:0735:519.48152
24Olivia Hasseldine03:3839:5536:179.6018
25Ella Ward #00:0038:4338:4310.2412
-Andrew Evans00:0038:4338:4310.24-Pace setter
DNFAlan Wooten05:00DNFNANAInjured
# New runner
* Times adjusted as runner was sent off at different time to handicap

The largest field ever for a time trial! Well done to everybody.
Plenty of new runners this month - welcome to Antonio, Bryna, Denis, Anneke and Ella. Also, a second welcome to Brianna and Melissa for completing their first time trial after having to withdraw due to injury on their first attempt, and to Malc returning for his first time trial for some time.
The only down side is, because the course had to be changed slightly to take the path through the woods due to the roadworks in Yelnow Lane, the distance was consequently shorter. The times, therefore, will not be used for handicap calculation purposes next month and any improvement values for this month have been discarded as meaningless. The points still count though.


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