Colworth Str1ders


Adidas Thunder Run 24HR – 28/29 July 2012

PosTot LapsTot TimeTeamCatNumberNameLap NoLap Time
13323:58:25Olympic Hopefuls6X
23324:42:37Hope Factory Racing6X
33224:22:22Garden City Runners6X
43224:42:39Sandhurst Joggers 16X
53124:00:41Seaford Striders6X
63124:33:21Birchfield Harriers6X
73124:41:24Grantham Grate A6X
83024:08:36Curro Ergo Sum (I Run Therefore I Am)6X
93024:32:39Whitchurch Whippets6X
113024:47:30Trentham RC6X
122924:08:20Colworth Striders6X1251Mark Tinkler100:51:37
     1253Stuart Trevallion200:45:32
     1250Nick Mitchell300:50:00
     1252Tony Dadd400:39:56
     1254Neil Loader500:43:20
     1248Sam Windebank600:48:37
     1247Helen Woolley700:51:28
     1249Christelle Billon800:58:20
     1251Mark Tinkler900:52:00
     1253Stuart Trevallion1000:45:37
     1250Nick Mitchell1100:53:37
     1252Tony Dadd1200:41:17
     1254Neil Loader1300:44:28
     1248Sam Windebank1400:49:51
     1247Helen Woolley1500:55:30
     1249Christelle Billon1601:02:01
     1251Mark Tinkler1700:55:16
     1253Stuart Trevallion1800:48:26
     1250Nick Mitchell1900:56:32
     1252Tony Dadd2000:42:45
     1254Neil Loader2100:45:20
     1248Sam Windebank2200:49:56
     1247Helen Woolley2300:55:09
     1249Christelle Billon2401:04:06
     1253Stuart Trevallion2500:47:55
     1251Mark Tinkler2600:52:36
     1252Tony Dadd2700:41:22
     1254Neil Loader2800:44:29
     1248Sam Windebank2900:51:17
132924:13:472 Hot 2 Trot6X
142924:21:14Doncaster Ac6X
152924:31:53We Know A Shortcut6X
162924:40:21More Barrow Runners6X
172924:46:54RAF Leuchars6X
192924:50:03Hawkins Hurricanes6X
202924:55:47Good Idea 26X
212824:10:20Smack My Stitch Up6X
222824:20:02Taylormade Golf6X
232824:25:14Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!6X
242824:32:10Team Meat Spin6X
252824:33:41RAF Cosford - Cheaters6X
262824:40:18Bmf Battersea6X
272824:40:32Stone Master Marathoners6X
282723:11:05The Nightswatchmen6X
292724:07:19Chesterfield Casuals Ii6X
302724:08:46Outdoor Fitness Thunderbolts6X
312724:12:57Telefonica Allstars6X
322724:19:41Wrekin Off Road Runners6X
332724:20:21Parkrun Allstars6X
342724:28:08Grantham Grate 16X
352724:41:10The Twenty Four Seven6X
362724:47:00Team Extreme6X
372725:00:33The Flintstones6X
382623:05:04Matt's Birthday Trotters6X
392623:38:50Stilton Striders RC6X
402623:51:14Chunder Runners6X
412624:05:14Blister Act6X
422624:09:31Hatton Darts 16X
432624:16:48David Lloyd Redway Runners 16X
442624:19:0524 Hour (Finsbury) Parkrun People6X
452624:20:21Cyflym Lliswerry - Team A6X
462624:20:28Gazelles With Attitude6X
472624:20:57Thunder Chunders6X
482624:29:32Chasebusters 36X
492624:30:37Cambridge Parkrun6X
502624:31:02Kenyan National Cross Country Team6X
512624:31:25See More Butts!! Malvern Joggers6X
522624:31:30Inglorious Blisters6X
532624:32:37Garden City Runners - Munros Maniacs6X
542624:32:50Still Got The Runs6X
552624:35:13Northbrook Yellow6X
562624:35:57Vocalink Running Club6X
572624:37:52Team Play6X
582624:38:10Cameron Clan6X
592624:39:19Jessie's Giants6X
602624:41:44Desford Striders6X
612624:41:53Macc's Finest6X
622624:42:06Totemic Ale Drinkers & Runners6X
632624:56:44Sandhurst Joggers 26X
642624:57:43Back Of Beyond Adventures6X
662523:56:30The Astraphobics6X
672524:00:55Bevy's Midnight Runners6X
682524:09:29Sue Bickerdike's Team6X
692524:23:42Team 1 Adidas6X
702524:29:26My Camp Friends6X
712524:37:30Northbrook Green6X
722524:39:26Mens And Womens Running Mag6X
732524:45:51Fit Camp Red Team6X
742524:50:43Poor Unfortunate Soles6X
752524:52:56Fairy Tale Runners6X
762524:57:31The Twitterati6X
782423:28:06Hope Factory Runners6X
792423:29:01East Hull Harriers6X
802423:31:33Maersk Thunder6X
812423:33:41Styal Running Club6X
822423:38:57Go Fetch Yourself6X
832423:43:03There's No Y In Running6X
842423:47:39Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers6X
852423:48:23Commando Fitness Team A6X
872423:56:31Fit Camp Orange Team6X
882423:57:15Hatton Darts 26X
892423:58:06Bunch Of Crocks With Decent Runners6X
902424:02:10Team Freeth Cartwright6X
912424:06:33Team Floppy Thunder Cats6X
922424:07:00Wilmslow Warriers6X
932424:08:18Harpenden Arrows6X
942424:12:06We All Jive With Clive6X
952424:13:17Fetch A Squirel6X
962424:15:00Team Wandsworth 16X
972424:16:14Huncote Eh Team6X
982424:16:17Friel The Burn6X
992424:17:42Swinton Running Club6X
1002424:18:41Team Twinkle Toes6X
1012424:19:58In Hot Pursuit 26X
1022424:21:09RAF Cosford - Jaguars6X
1032424:21:53Sharps Superstars6X
1042424:24:42Run 4 Robyn & Adam6X
1052424:25:41We Tried To Say No 16X
1062424:26:45Team Jog On6X
1072424:30:51Parkrun Team6X
1082424:38:56Arss Bandits6X
1092424:39:19Stop Talking And Run Star6X
1102424:39:28Catch Us If You Can6X
1112424:43:15Reservoir Jogs6X
1122424:45:32Lux In Obscuro6X
1132424:46:54Spa Striders6X
1142424:48:52The Good The Bad And The Damn Right Slow6X
1152424:49:43Weobley Whoppers6X
1162425:06:47Nuffield Ninjas6X
1172323:26:21Rolling Thunder6X
1182323:45:20David Lloyd Redway Runners 36X
1192323:50:20Fit Camp Yellow Team6X
1202323:52:41Commando Fitness B Team6X
1212323:54:49Riverside Runners Mixed Greens6X
1232324:00:30Your Pace Or Mine6X
1242324:01:28Thors Of Motion6X
1252324:02:01Thunder Birds6X
1272324:09:06Dirty Stop-Outs6X
1282324:09:07Eight On A Long Date6X
1292324:09:54Banana Fuelled6X
1302324:13:33Jog On6X
1312324:15:31Geronimo's Got The Runs6X
1322324:25:02Lubbock Fine Lightning6X
1332324:28:32Boobs Over Bunions6X
1342324:38:07Thundercats 20126X
1352324:41:16Lliswerry Night Hawks - Team B6X
1362324:44:16Butts Sweat & Beers6X
1372324:49:39Lymm Bootcamp6X
1382223:28:50Skegness Coasters6X
1392223:54:09Are We Nearly There?6X
1402224:04:03Notfast - Not Bothered6X
1412224:06:58Run Bushy Run6X
1422224:08:34The Trogs6X
1432224:09:50Hoe's 'N' Bros Quakers Inc6X
1442224:11:39Newcastle Staffs Ac6X
1462224:21:14Thornton Cleveleys Rc Mixed6X
1472224:27:44Eight In A State6X
1482224:29:59Race Invaders6X
1492224:33:38Gotta Keep Running6X
1502224:39:20Team 2 Adidas6X
1512224:51:32Fools Rushing6X
1522121:23:15Running On Empty6X
1532122:15:46Team Conti6X
1542122:27:01Grief Encounter Project6X
1552122:39:22Few Crocks Potential To Run6X
1562123:25:53The Runners Forum 24 Hour Trotters6X
1572123:31:01Devon Devils6X
1582123:42:01Lordshill Old Runners And Carers6X
1592123:54:06Thunder Pants - Mark Two6X
1602124:00:18Team 3 Adidas6X
1612124:00:23Not Fast 8 Pioneers6X
1622124:00:23Thunder Pants - Mark One6X
1632124:04:22The Jagerbombers6X
1642124:10:35Thunder Thighs6X
1652124:14:27Just Run It!6X
1662124:18:55Thunder Bush6X
1672124:24:43The Running Bug6X
1682124:25:22One Man And His Dogs6X
1692124:25:40We Tried To Say No 26X
1702124:37:51My Turn Again!?! I Thought This Was A 5K!6X
1712022:46:37The Griffins6X
1722022:50:55Sowbrook Massive6X
1732022:50:57Night Owls6X
1742023:20:45Relay Long Relay6X
1752023:21:27St Peters Glascote6X
1772023:37:11City West Thundercats6X
1782023:56:31Forces Fit - Doncaster6X
1792024:03:11Just Blame Dave6X
1802024:03:11The Walking Talking Stephen Hawking6X
1812024:10:47Because Everyone 'Ere Runs6X
1822024:22:30Blue Light Taxis6X
1831923:50:11Whats The Rush6X
1841924:01:11The Happy Hobblers6X
1851924:32:03Mixed Nuts6X
1861822:49:48TBA (6X)6X
1871824:00:42Razkals Ward 19 CF Hartlands Hospital6X
1881524:05:16Big Trenthammers6X


PosTot LapsTot TimeTeamCatNumberNameLap NoLap Time
13324:10:10Dickinson's Real Dealers5M358Simon Newton100:37:41
     357Richard Spooner200:41:12
     356Kelvin Dickinson300:40:58
     359Rob Snaith400:43:04
     355Lee Smith500:41:42
     358Simon Newton600:39:53
     357Richard Spooner700:42:17
     356Kelvin Dickinson800:41:15
     359Rob Snaith900:43:37
     355Lee Smith1000:41:39
     358Simon Newton1100:39:58
     357Richard Spooner1200:41:43
     356Kelvin Dickinson1300:41:56
     359Rob Snaith1400:45:29
     355Lee Smith1500:44:48
     358Simon Newton1600:44:33
     357Richard Spooner1700:45:49
     356Kelvin Dickinson1800:45:01
     359Rob Snaith1900:47:11
     355Lee Smith2000:44:24
     358Simon Newton2100:47:00
     357Richard Spooner2200:46:24
     356Kelvin Dickinson2300:47:05
     359Rob Snaith2400:48:45
     355Lee Smith2500:45:27
     357Richard Spooner2600:43:58
     356Kelvin Dickinson2700:44:32
     359Rob Snaith2800:46:57
     355Lee Smith2900:47:13
     358Simon Newton3000:42:41
     356Kelvin Dickinson3100:45:17
     357Richard Spooner3200:42:31
     355Lee Smith3300:48:10
23224:11:42Catch Us If U Can5M
32923:40:22Sore Legs And Gritty Socks5M
42824:07:18Kellys Heroes5M
52824:24:40Toonie Express/Midnight Runners5M
62824:25:52Wilmslow Wide Boys5M
72824:36:51Quakers Ubi Sumus5M
82824:40:29Ware Wabbits5M
92724:14:42Thornton Cleveley Rc Men5M
102724:17:45Tortoises And Hares5M
122623:49:51Streaking Striders5M
132624:25:13Every Lap I'M Shuffling5M
142624:35:17Quakers Team Dark5M
152523:18:36Purple Cobras5M
162523:52:57Hows Your Running???5M
172421:55:50The Linear Accelerators5M
182423:06:39Forces To Be Reckoned With5M
192424:01:07University of Leicester/Jo Gilligan Trust5M
202424:24:38Magaluff Fitness Club5M
212323:13:55Ten Sore Feet5M
222323:33:23The Expendables5M
242323:44:35The Cunning Runts (5M)5M
252323:56:01Just A Stroll In The Park!5M
262324:02:39Fuzzy Dunlops5M
272324:57:59Big Burly Boys5M
282223:40:31Team Flaxseed5M
292224:01:16I Can'T Believe We Came Back5M
302224:01:20Water Warriors5M
312224:08:26The 'Tof' Runners5M
322224:33:33Quakers Team Tonka5M
332019:40:29The Flying Fossils5M
342021:25:07Olympian Mint Pacers5M
362023:59:22Iceland Running Club5M
372024:30:14Captain Canary Superstars5M
381817:48:13Amazing Feet - Turtle Power5M
391616:00:36Stinky Hobbits5M
401622:01:38TBA (5M)5M
411519:54:39The Triple Hernias5M
421521:34:11My Turn Again!?!5M
431424:02:34Team Fusion5M
441424:22:10Adidas Trio5M
451115:17:15Beers Are Not Enough (Last One Buys The Beers)5M


PosTot LapsTot TimeTeamCatNumberNameLap NoLap Time
11824:31:50Sarah Gardner-HallIF
21723:00:45Kirsty ReadeIF
31623:02:01Claire SpencerIF
41524:14:09Caroline HallIF128Caroline Hall101:01:25
     128Caroline Hall200:59:35
     128Caroline Hall300:57:04
     128Caroline Hall400:56:37
     128Caroline Hall501:27:27
     128Caroline Hall600:58:47
     128Caroline Hall700:59:54
     128Caroline Hall801:09:11
     128Caroline Hall902:42:29
     128Caroline Hall1001:12:21
     128Caroline Hall1105:54:26
     128Caroline Hall1201:33:01
     128Caroline Hall1301:23:34
     128Caroline Hall1401:44:41
     128Caroline Hall1501:13:37
51423:31:30Wendy CollingIF
61223:00:45Fiona BettsIF
71223:31:37Anne-Marie LateganIF
81224:57:18Ria BrightIF
91117:21:13Gabby CorryIF
101124:06:07Helen LiddleIF
111015:07:47Carla JenkinsIF
121021:44:50K PearceIF
131022:02:00Zoe EnserIF
141024:07:50Kirstine OliverIF
151024:12:23Jill McintyreIF
161024:44:12Nicola ChrascinaIF
17921:40:50Julie ShandIF
18922:45:14Colette LeethamIF
19824:12:32Christine NorrisIF
20722:13:26Clare BlythIF
21611:32:12Jannine BowtellIF
22613:35:06Sarah BeadleIF
23506:35:30Debbie SmithIF
24507:29:23Louise ClementsIF
25310:28:53Stephanie KentIF
Another excellent performance by the Str1ders, improving, yet again, to take 12th place in a field of 188.

Well done, also, to our friends from the north: Kelvin Dickinson's team came in first in the 5XMale category, and Caz Hall achieved a superb 4th place in the Solo Female category.

A great weekend of running and socialising all round. Many thanks to the support crew, particularly Julie Loader who masterminded the catering department par excellence. The salad added that much needed bit of colour to the menu.



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