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Battle Of Northampton Challenge – 28 January 2012

Andy Hoddle5:09

Based around Barnes Meadow Interchange at Northampton. This event was a small field ~80. There were two start times, 09:00 for those expecting 5hrs+, and 10:00 for the quicker folks. Most of the participants were 100 marathon club regulars. The route for this event was mostly tarmac paths or grass. I would imagine this course surface would be good in any weather, as the grass is along a high bank. It started at Image gym, then up the west side of the A45/A428 roundabout then 5 circuits including a loop around a Flood reservoir and under the A45 to Midsummer meadow car park for water/refreshment stop and then back. After the 5th loop, return to the gym. The weather on the day was cloudy/sunny and cold (6°C), gentle south westerly wind. There was only the one water stop, which was passed on each lap, and a few marshalls on critical junctions. Due to interpretations of the route, a little extra was added on, following a meandering tarmac path rather than cutting directly across grass, on the first lap. Total distance was therefore 28.1 miles, for the early starters. And the Battle of Northampton? Apparently it took place on Midsummer Meadow in 1460. See

My result: A rather limp 5:09, well I limped a few miles around 18-20, with a knee pain, which improved by the end, after easing off a bit. Hey-ho, job done, another one ticked off and ready, if not quite fit, for the next one!


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