Colworth Str1ders


Charnwood Marathon – 24 March 2012

Andy Hoddle5hrs 49mins
Small event organised by LDWA. Approx 350 participants, 150 walkers, 200 runners, of which 120 did 15miles and 80 did marathon.
Route was described in written instructions. Fairly clear and easy to follow except for getting off Beacon Hill, where the fog was bad, but we could hear a clanging gate from all the runners on the correct path. 10 minutes lost there. Also some ambiguity getting off Old John Hill to car park (it said follow any route to car park, which was out of view...and there were 8 very clear paths from the top...). If you intend doing this run, I advise you take an OS map, and it'll all be clear. Course was fairly hilly, including Leicestershires highest hill. Going was fairly good underfoot, with tracks, some road, some grass, some mud (I think they must have diverted a stream to create so much mud in one short section - however, consensus is that when it has been wet, this is an extremely muddy course in many sections). 40 very narrow kissing gates in the first 18miles, 24 stiles in last 8 miles. Very good scenery when fog lifted, very much like the peak district. Plenty of well spaced out checkpoints with water, squash, cake, and sandwiches at half-way (remember there are walkers as well...). Lots of food at the end, soup, cups of tea etc. All in all, a very good event, recommended if dry for previous 2-3 weeks.


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