Colworth Str1ders


Colworth 5 Relay – 15 June 2012

The James Gang (minus Julian)

1The James Gang
Duncan Talbot
Damiano Rossetti
Julian Bent
Lorraine Sassano
Ben Maddison
2Chill Out
Paul Stuart
Helen Woolley
Stuart Warren
Ian Lacy
Mike Statham
3The Real Torch Relay
Andy Hoddle
Katie Edwards
Neil Loader
Stuart Trevallion
Pete Keeley
4Sustainable Legs
Kevin Lam
Helen Franceschini
Rene Crevel
Emma Keller
Yonas Yohannes
5The Unfit, The Overweight And The Pregnant
Willie Young
Paul Sherwood
Mark Newman
Allan Bramley
Roxanne Moussy
67½ – 4½ + 2
Mahesh Vikraman
Nazanin Haseli-Mashhadi
Ouarda Saib
Richard Piron
Tony Dadd
7The One Mile Wonders
Ciaran Cooney
Jaya Vethamanickam
Matt Brown
Isabela Butnar
Moira Ledbetter
The rain stopped, the sun came out and all was well after all...
Well done to all the teams taking part. One or two runners did, unfortunately, get lost but all got back safely and respectable times were recorded by all concerned.


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