Colworth Str1ders


Great Yarmouth Marathon – 21 October 2012

Andy Hoddle4:45:15

This was a one-off, to celebrate 25 years of the Great Yarmouth Road Runners. Not much point reviewing it for future reference, unless they have a 50th anniversary in 2037, by which time Yarmouth could have changed beyond all recognition. (Due to global warming it could be, in effect, the Riviera of the East, or alternatively it could be washed away by the rising seas as the polar ice cap melts).
Anyhow, this event was a cold, damp, windy affair. It was three laps up and down the seafront. It started at 09:00, so by the end of the first lap, a comfortable just-sub 10min/miler just passes the start again at 10:29. That’s just in time for 2000 runners to come hurtling past after the 10:30 start of the 10K race, which followed the same course. For 5 miles, you get swept along after which the 10K’ers all go right while the burned out marathoners turn left for the remaining 12 miles. The route was well marked, very flat, and good waterstations, three per lap. Runners could leave their own drinks and gels at the second station (6, 15, 24 miles). With no gates, stiles, chip timing, etc, this route should have been good for a PB.
My result: 4:45:15, just 6 seconds outside my PB.


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