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Herts Hobble – 24 June 2012

Andy Hoddle5hrs 55mins
This was another LDWA event, so printed navigation list and no route markings or marshalls. See below for an example of 1.63 miles of route navigation on this LDWA event. If anyone wants a full description of an LDWA event, ask Andy Hoddle.

“Abbreviations: R Right, TR Tum Right, L Left, TL Tum left, X Cross, FP Footpath, BW Bridleway, TKTrack, WM Way Mark ST Stile, KG KissingGate, RD Road, CP Checkpoint, thru Through, AH ahead, junc. Junction GD Grid Rly Railway; M metres; KM kilometres. AII bearings magnetic

1. Exit hall and TR and AH to junc. where X RD and TL. AH to junc. where TR into Gobions lane and AH for lKM to where RD T sharp L (house on L), where continue AH on BW. At next WM TL, and in 50M, at WM around corner, ignore grassy TK to R and AH diagonally across field (080°). ln corner of field, by BW sign, thru gap and AH in same direction towards treeline. At WM, bear L and AH with wood on L. At end of wood, TR on grassy TK and AH to wood, where TL then R, and continue with wood on R. ln 100M, by WM sign, enter wood, bear L and AH on endosed TK thru wood, Pass under bridge and AH to RD. 1.63 Miles GD309169”

So you can see how navigation can slow you down, because there needs to be fairly regular reference to instructions (eg 15-20 times for above 1.63 miles, in approx 16mins). One missed phrase could add many miles to your route. On the positive side, LDWA events are cheap, have ample checkpoints with drinks and food, frequently cakes, sandwiches etc (remember these events are primarily aimed at walkers, not runners) and a meal at the end. For this event there were about 150 walkers and 60 runners, but about half runners and half walkers did a shorter route. The route for this particular event changes every year, so no advantage of familiarization for repeat participants. This year’s route was fairly undulating, fairly scenic, but very muddy and flooded in a few sections. There were quite a few “100mile club” folks, so very sociable and friendly. Everyone was slowed down by the heavy going and my time of 5hrs 55mins was “PB+25%ish”, in line with everyone else.
Overall, recommended for social marathoners, mud-lovers and long distance cross-country runners, definitely not for elites or PB-chasers.


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