Colworth Str1ders


Midnight Man – 18/19 August 2012

NameSwimT1CycleT2 + RunTotal
Andy Hoddle2:16:340:04:167:03:575:15:2814:40:16

A “non-ferrous” full distance triathlon, with a twist…it was overnight.
Start 18:00, swim in lake near QE2 bridge. 4 laps. Cut-off 20:15.
Cycle 18 x 10k laps on mixture of closed dual carriageway and housing estate roads (which included 12 speed-humps). Cut-off 04:30.
Run 6 x 4.6mile laps on tarmac. Cut-off 11:00.
Event was on the hottest afternoon of the year. Mosquitos by the hundred, before and after the swim and a fair few swallowed on the bike.
Cycle and run were reasonable flat. Swim was very flat.
My times: Swim 2:16:34, T1 0:04:16, cycle 7:03:57, T2 + run 5:15:28. Total 14:40:16 (I DO count this in my marathon total!)
Event was well organized, although run was confusing for early starters, well marshalled, plenty of food and drinks. Reasonably priced at £160.

Half-distance available. Recommended for a PB, due to flatness and road quality.


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