Colworth Str1ders


Ponton Plod – 16 September 2012

Name Time
Andy Hoddle 6h 13m

This event ticks off Lincolnshire, if you are on a quest to do lots of counties. It’s a LDWA event, so reasonably cheap. Good checkpoints with sandwiches, cakes and drinks, but quite spaced out (7, 15, 20, 23.5miles), and food at the end. The route was fairly well marked, and the instructions were easy to understand and follow, in case any markers were removed. The distance was 27miles, over road (45%) footpath (20%) farm tracks (15%) nice fields (10%) freshly ploughed fields! (5%) and heavily rutted track - like the very worst sections of the Colworth trail route, but with overhanging braches which frequently met in the middle (5%). The scenery, in two places was fantastic, but the rest only ok. Lots of stiles, some extraordinarily high (do people in Lincolnshire have longer legs than the rest of us, me-wonders?), lots of gates which need opening and closing carefully due to livestock, and lots of hills in between the undulations..
My time: A rather slow 6hrs 13mins, but running alongside a guy who had, a few years earlier, finished first over this course (in 4hr40).

All in all, a tough course. Not recommended. If you do want hills, go for the Baslow Bootbash where the scenery is spectacular.


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