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Birmingham Canal Canter – 21 September 2013

Name Time
Andy Hoddle 5:42:00
I reviewed this event two years ago, and was looking forward to repeating it, mostly for the cakes, but it is a great run, with lots of green views of Birmingham. The route, on a map, looked the same, but one loop was reversed and one section was on the other side of the canal. Doesn’t sound much different, but it missed some side-canals, and therefore there were less humpy bridges to encounter. Cakes at the Winson Green Prison checkpoint were a bit disappointing this year with only three varieties, compared with 10 or so last time. However, the carroty/ginger cake was fantastic. I thought the other two tasted fishy, and asked if they had been cut with a knife also used for tuna sandwiches! I was told no. Anyhow, I was the only one who thought this so maybe my taste buds were knocked out by the fantastic ginger flavour of the first cake?
Going underfoot was great, a lovely dry day, overcast 17°C in the morning, sunny towards the end rising to 22°C running towards the sun in the afternoon.
The flights of canals seemed easier than last time and being downhill were great fun to run, although you need to mind your head on some bridges and the “pavement” is somewhat lumpy.. This is a great run, which I’ll definitely be back for. Highly recommended.
My time was a pleasing 5:42:00, just 3 minutes longer than last time, definitely recovered from the PF and hopefully on course for a sub-5hr Abingdon…


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