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Braintree Boggle – 10 February 2013

Andy Hoddle6:04:04
This was a cross-country marathon in a circle around the town of Braintree in Essex.
The route was navigated by written instruction, only available on the day, so no advance route-planning.
Instructions were very good except for one comment which led me astray by half a mile, in the last mile! There were two important comments that I missed at the brief: The instruction pages were printed in an order (1, 3, 4, 2) that you only needed to re-arrange the sheets once in the plastic wallet, quite handy on a wet day; and each paragraph was 1 mile long, again very handy for gauging distance between instruction sentences.. Checkpoints/water/damp jelly babies/damp biscuits were at 6, 12, 18, 22miles and tea/coffee, pasta and rice pudding at the finish. The route had some tarmac roads/paths (about 2miles worth), lots of boggy grass paths (5miles) ploughed fields (3miles) and mud (16miles) and was like doing 2 x Colworth 5, then 4 x Colworth cross country route. Feet were well soaked by the end of the first mile, and never dried out again. Conditions were cold (+3°C), damp/drizzly but not too windy (about 5mph). Scenery was between ok and drab, but since most time was looking for footing, this was not so disappointing. Overall, challenging but great fun.
Boggle had a 100 un-reached limit, with 75 finishers and will be repeated in 2015.. Value for money was excellent, costing £8 (with £23 in fuel to get there) comparing well with the Quadzilla at MK (£22 entry but £8 fuel) which had no spaces left.
My time: 6:04:04


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