Colworth Str1ders


Caythorpe Canter – 6 April 2013

Andy Hoddle5:39:15

A cross-country marathon which I only discovered a week ago on the 100 marathon club website. The event was quite cheap at £15, and not too far to travel, just 60miles up the A1. Two distances were available, 26 and 13 miles. The runners were a bit thin on the ground for the long course, about 35 runners and 10 walkers lined up at 9AM. The route was described in instructions, but a map was also provided. The instructions were mostly easy to follow, just two points of ambiguity which were easily settled with a glance at the map. Most turns were also indicated by signs, and judging from comments from the organisers, more signing will be there for future events. Checkpoints were sparse, 6, 14, 21 miles and the finish, and although cakes, sandwiches and drinks were abundant, I was glad I carried extra drink in the rucksack. Going was good, it having been dry for a few weeks now, although at one point we did have to cross what looked like a glacier, obviously a remnant of a deep snowdrift from three weeks ago. The route was 25% grassy and 25% track and 50% road. Marshalling was good at 4 busy road intersections. Weather was good for it, 3 to 9°C, sunny, with a bit of breeze, nice when you got out of the wind. I had discomfort with PF, although taped, and re-taped at 21miles after which the discomfort eased considerably. I had a small blister where the tape rubbed, probably from rushing to get my sock back on. Overall time not too bad at 5hrs 39mins 15seconds, 25 th of 43 finishers. Cakes, sandwiches and puddings at the end rounded of a really good event. I would recommend it.


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