Colworth Str1ders


Cross Country Race – 29 January 2013

PosNameTimeLast time Change from last timeComments 
1Bill Shingleton30:4830:00(2012)+00:48
2Antonio Franco31:18---First time runner
3Andrew Evans32:1131:11(2012)+01:00
4Richard Piron32:2641:06(2011)-08:40
5Neil Loader33:1929:11(2012)+04:08
6Richard Beard33:3229:37(2012)+03:55
7Llorenc Mila-i-Canals34:09---First time runner
8Giles Rigarlsford34:5134:31(2012)+00:20
9Sam Windebank34:5236:04(2010)-01:12PB
10Mike Statham37:3734:11(2012)+03:26
11John Bassett38:0935:49(2010)+02:20
12Moira Ledbetter45:13---First time runner
13Anne Calderwood49:4141:05(2011)+08:36
14Andy Hoddle49:4240:36(2012)+09:06
15Kate Fanning53:09---First time runner

Well done to all who took part, particularly our four first time runners.
The course was very muddy and slippery.


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