Colworth Str1ders


Round The Reservoir – 27/28 July 2013

Name Day 1Day 2
Andy Hoddle 5:50:175:36:29
Round the reservoir day1. 27th July 2013. 5:50:17
Round the reservoir day2. 28th July 2013. 5:36:29
The route has already been described in my Easter report. The weather for these runs: day1, hot, 28°C, sunny; day2 very warm, 24°C, windy.
Day1 I wore Brookes Adrenaline GTS 12’s, same as at Harrow, still with discomfort, not pain. Had a gentle massage afterwards, which I don’t normally do. Day 2 I wore some brand new Brookes Vapor 10’s and the run was so much more comfortable. The Adrenalines were fine on a (Sweatshop, MK) treadmill with video analysis – the Vapors I bought because they were comfortable, without video analysis. Got paced by Angela for the last 1.5 laps and thanks to this and the better shoes did a much quicker time.
Also, some nice chocolate cake afterwards on day2, thanks to Ange, to celebrate my 50th Marathon. I am now a Wannabe (associate member of the 100 Marathon Club). Only another 50 marathons and then I can wear the prestigious 100 marathon club t-shirt!


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