Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 7 April 2013

PosNameStartFinishTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/ml)Finish OrderPointsComments
1Neil Loader14:3340:0125:2825:27+00:01-0.07%06:44.4103
2Llorenc Mila-i-Canals13:2339:2626:0326:37-00:342.13%06:53.685
3Andrew Evans12:1638:3326:1727:44-01:275.23%06:57.266PB
4David Sheffield13:2640:1026:4426:34+00:10-0.63%07:04.5121
5Giles Rigarlsford *12:4639:5027:0427:14-00:100.61%07:09.594
6Mark Newman07:1837:0929:5132:42-02:518.72%07:53.7410
7Tim Litchfield 02:0032:2230:22N/A N/A N/A08:02.01
8Natalie Brooks #02:0032:2930:29N/AN/A N/A08:03.92PB
9Moira Ledbetter06:4637:5631:1033:14-02:046.22%08:14.658PB
10Jeff Adams #02:0035:1433:14N/AN/A N/A08:47.53PB
11Allan Davies06:0140:1034:0933:59+00:10-0.49%09:02.0112
12Amy Briggs #00:0039:1439:14N/AN/A N/A10:22.87PB
13Kate Fanning *03:2642:4839:2236:34+02:48-7.66%10:24.714
14Ella Ward *02:4942:1139:2237:11+02:11-5.87%10:24.913
# New runner
* Times adjusted as runner was sent off at different time to handicap
† Handicap deleted as runner has not competed for over two years.
Congratulations to our three new runners today, and a welcome back to Tim.
A nice warm sunny day.


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