Colworth Str1ders


Winter Enigma – 5-6 January 2013

NameTime (Day 1)Time (Day 2)Comments
Andy Hoddle04:49:26-Entered Day 1 only
Caroline Hall 03:31:00 03:28:48 First Lady Day 2
Kelvin Dickinson 02:58:32  02:56:42  

Andy Hoddle's comments:
As with the Christmas enigma, this was a day one of a double. I repeat: I’m not obsessive because I only entered the single!
The route was slightly amended, again, from previous Enigma marathons, due to repeated and ongoing flooding. The half lap was reduced, but the 7 full laps of Caldecotte Lake were slightly lengthened. Wind was 10mph south-westerly so difficult on the exposed banks, but it was dry, balmy 7°C. I decided to wear an MP3 player again, this time with fresh batteries (and carried a spare). Although the music helped with pace in the first half, it didn’t help in the second half, and I don’t think it helped with motivation either. I think that might be my last marathon with an MP3 player, unless I do a track one. I also wore a watch to help with pacing, but the batteries ran out on the watch at half way!! I think I might run without technology for the next few events.. I got nutrition and hydration a bit wrong on this one, not enough drink and the last 6 miles were bloody tough.
Time 04:49:26, which I thought was pretty crap, but is only 5 minutes off my best, so I shouldn’t beat myself up too much.


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