Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 12 August 2014

PosNameTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/ml)PointsComments
1David Cox25:3826:01-00:231.47%06:46.93
2David Sheffield25:5026:21-00:311.96%06:50.04
3Richard Beard *28:0127:34+00:27-1.63%07:24.61
4Pete Belton28:4438:54-10:1026.14%07:36.110PB
5Mike Statham *29:1628:41+00:35-2.03%07:44.6
6Moira Ledbetter30:2830:16+00:12-0.66%08:03.62
7Megan Campbell #32:25NANANA08:34.6PB
8Andy Hoddle32:4235:24-02:427.63%08:38.98
9Amy Briggs33:1634:55-01:394.73%08:47.96PB
10Patricia Romero *35:1035:51-00:411.91%09:18.25PB
11Haixiao Chen #35:27NANANA09:22.8PB
12Andrew Evans (P)35:28NANANA09:22.9Pacer
* Runner sent off at time different to handicap. Times adjusted to represent result as it would have been had the correct time been used.
# New runner

Good turn-out considering this is the height of the holiday period. Some excellent results with plenty of PBs. Also an object lesson in the advantages of running a slow time in your first time trial - enjoy it while it lasts, Pete, the handicap will get harder to beat from now on (I have dismissed the charges of banditry as I am sure no intentional fraud was committed).
Welcome to Haixiao and Megan, running their first time trials today.


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