Colworth Str1ders


Running Time Trial – 7 & 9 July 2015

PosNameTimeExpectedDifferenceImprovementPace (min/mile)PointsComments
1David Cox24:5125:24-00:342.20%06:34.48
2Giles Rigarlsford26:5927:06-00:080.46%07:08.35
3Anthony Bowden28:0928:17-00:090.50%07:26.86
4Nicole Unger36:3939:04-02:256.17%09:41.710PB
1Antonio Franco22:4223:29-00:473.34%06:00.28PB
2Erwan Weber23:3124:36-01:054.40%06:13.410PB
3Luis Maciel #24:50NANANA06:34.25PB
4David Sheffield25:2425:34-00:100.65%06:43.26
# New runner
Welcome to Luis, running his first Time Trial with us today.
A slight change to procedures this month with the Time Trial taking place over two days. Although the conditions were not hugely different, perhaps warmer and less windy on the second day, the referee has decided to award full points for each day rather than combining them. We hope that normal service will be restored next month.


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